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HERO21 UVC Robot
The new benchmark for the hygienic challenges of our time

The new benchmark for the hygienic challenges of our time

The importance of disinfection in hospitals has increased considerably – and not just because of the current coronavirus pandemic. Conventional disinfection methods, such as manual disinfection, only solve the problem rudimentarily. Often, they even produce more resistant germs. UV-C robots can help out: reliable, with state-of-the-art technology and high efficiency – and an optimal price-performance ratio.

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Groundbreaking disinfection technology for everyday clinical use

Groundbreaking disinfection technology for everyday clinical use

Whether in operating rooms, intensive care units or other highly sensitive areas of hospitals: The HERO21 provides the highest level of disinfection and thus offers optimum protection. After the initial disinfection of contaminated rooms, even the cleaning staff who normally work at the frontline are exposed to a much lower risk of infection.

Maximum disinfection in combination with highest levels of safety

The HERO21 moves completely autonomously through the rooms that need to be disinfected. If the robot is switched on, it can be moved to the contaminated rooms via an app on a mobile device so that the person navigating the robot does not need to enter the room themselves. The HERO21 scans all room data and saves it. Its special sensor technology detects whether there still is a person in the room. In this case, the robot would not activate itself but send a hazard alarm to the mobile device. Even during the disinfection process, its sensors detect, for example, when a person opens the door – and switch off the UV-C light.

Maximum disinfection in combination with highest levels of safety
Standardization and scientifically sound

Standardization and scientifically sound

No standard tubes were used for the HERO21, but specially produced UV-C lamps, which were assessed in an efficiency test against six conventional lamps in the laboratory and have an extremely long service life. The HERO21 achieves a level of disinfection of 99.99 % with a 360° coverage. In addition, the HERO21 has a very long operating time: After a short preheating phase, it disinfects for up to 3.5 hours straight. This capacity corresponds to about 14 rooms (25 m² in 5-10 minutes). The HERO21 is available again after only four hours of charging. All analyses are carried out in a certified BSL-1 laboratory.

Size L*W*H Approx. 700 mm x 500 mm x 1,650 mm
Environment Indoor application
Safety Two-stage safety system, shutdown on opening the door, person and object recognition by laser sensor technology
Speed 1 m/s
Disinfection time 5-10 minutes per 25 m²
Disinfection cover 360°
Operating time 3.5 hours
Free navigation HERO21 scans the room independently and stores room data
Connectivity Wireless network and LTE (optional)
Configuration 8 UV-C lamps, 254 nm
Control Via App